This site will be updated for a NECC 2009 BYOL presentation called
"Personal Learning Networks in Second Life Networks", presented by Lori Abrahams ( Lor Fredriksson - SL ), Fred Delventhal ( Riptide Furse - SL) , Nancy Sharoff ( Laelia Laval - SL ),Anne Truger ( JessieMarie Flanagan - SL ), Mary Del Bianco (Telos String - SL), Valaina Maher (Valaina Sheperd- SL) and virtually Beth Knittle (Beth Kohnke - SL ) , Elaine Plybon ( Celestia Cazelet - SL) , and other Educational leaders, on
Wednesday, 7/1/2009, 10:30am–11:30am in WWCC 151 A.

Purpose & Objectives
This session will address how SL® can help participants connect with their professional learning networks. Participants will learn about the various educational groups that offer workshops in SL® and how to connect with others and build and strengthen their PLN.

Outline for BYOL session
5 minutes: Introduction
15 minutes: Learn about educational groups & how to join them
15 minutes: Field Trip- Meet & greet leaders/managers of educational groups in SL
15 minutes: Learn how to locate relevant workshops in SL
10 minutes: Q&A

Please go to the online evaluation form at the conclusion of this session byoleval2009

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Supporting Documents
This is a brief introduction to Second Life for educators
This guide is a brief description for finding educational events and locations in Second Life

Please check for information on our PLN's last years NECC session on the DEN in SL.